How To Respond When Asked If You Support Gay ‘Marriage’

Just like the Pharisees tried to trap Jesus when they asked him about paying taxes to Caesar, so do self-righteous people try to trap Catholics when they ask them if they believe in gay ‘marriage,’ a U.S. priest said in a homily last weekend.

Father John Lankeit of the Diocese of Phoenix said that just as Jesus went to the heart of the matter when he addressed his assailants, so too must Catholics go to the heart of marriage as created by God when answering questions on gay ‘marriage.’

“When a Catholic is asked, ‘do you believe in gay “marriage,”’ he or she will be labeled a ‘bigot’ if they say ‘no,’ or a dissenting Catholic if they say ‘yes.’ It’s a no-win situation precisely because the question itself is based on a false understanding of marriage,” Fr. Lankeit said during the October 22 homily at Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix.

“So, the distortion must first be exposed before an accurate answer can be given to the question,” he said.

From Life Site News