Prayer-Book-Mark-BackPrayer-Book-Mark-FrontSt. John the Baptist Men’s Fellowship is pleased to offer this bookmark with the Morning Offering (front side) and Evening Act of Contrition (back side).  We encourage you to keep it near your bed.  Recite the Morning Offering each day when you awake and the Act of Contrition before going to sleep at night.  Our hope and prayer is that you will experience God’s grace by reciting these prayers each day.

As Catholics, our life’s mission is to become united with God—we are all called to become saints!  Daily prayer is a fundamental discipline that aids us in faith journey.  To begin and end each day in prayer keeps us focused on our mission.

At Fatima, our blessed mother Mary urged all Catholics to pray the Morning Offering.  This prayer helps us to consecrate each new day to Jesus Christ, offering Him all that we do and experience throughout the day.

Each evening, we should take time to reflect on the day’s activities, make an examination of conscience and offer a heartfelt Act of Contrition for sins we may have committed that day (we should seek to confess any mortal sins in the sacrament of Reconciliation at our earliest opportunity).

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